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"The Day Shall Declare It"

I guess tonight "I shall declare it", as I embark to the "Wilderness" in the Arts District in downtown LA this evening. It shall be an unusual theatrical experience as the "Wilderness" defines themselves as below:

"Wilderness works internationally to push the envelope of the traditional theatre-going experience. Inspired by disused, unexplored and uninhabited spaces, we create immersive, experiential and interdisciplinary theatrical events that disrupt the boundaries between observer and observed. Audiences roam freely throughout our curated environments, performers weave in and out of rooms, and multiple storylines tempt participants one way and another to create a unique choose-your-own-adventure experience."

I picture this theatrical concept to be similar to that "Girls" episode that we all thought was so rad. Where they go to Adam's performance "38 Windows" in an apartment complex retelling the story of the killing of "Kitty Genovese". I hope to find myself exploring stories within stories and seeing theatre in an exciting new light.


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